Rome Snowboards at Holy Bowly

Rome Snowboards at Holy Bowly

Holy Bowly has been the golden standard for late-season snowboarding events for nearly a decade now. A week of stress-free shredding with the homies on some of the most fun, perfectly handcrafted features courtesy of Snowboy Productions and crew. We assembled SLC's Madison Blackley, Mt. Baker local Hunter Knoll, rad-dad Jordan Phillips, and regional ripper Michael Hoy and set them loose on Sunshine Village for the week.

When we say the possibilities were endless in the course we mean it. After 5 days riding it still felt like there were features that hadn't been ridden and lines that had not been explored. Although weather was spotty the first three days the crew immediately got after it. Quickly setting their sites on the 20 foot volcano near the top of the course, the crew got to work.

 Michael Hoy Front 3 Madison Blackley Tree Ollie
Michael Hoy by Stephan Jende Madison Blackley by Ashley Rosemeyer

Between unrideable pockets of low-visibility there was still copious airtime, handplants, transition slaughtering and lip slashes all of which were always followed by talk of the next tricks to go down. With so many options on the course everyone was able to let their riding style shine.

 Hunter Knoll Alley Oop
Hunter Knoll by Max Lyons

Hunter could be seen smoothly riding the entire course flowing from feature to feature with his surfy big-mountain style. Jordan got to blasting methods on the larger features followed by doing miller flips on some of the smaller features. Hoy made himself right at home blasting spins on every piece of transition and gap that he could find. Late to the party, Madison Blackley wasted no time and started doing handplants on the large volcano within her first few runs.

 Jordan Phillips BS Handplant
Jordan Phillips by Stephan Jende

The board of choice for all of the SDS riders for the week was the Stale Crewzer. A board built for lapping all day with the homies with enough power and stability to handle large features, it was the perfect choice. Sidehits, butters, and slashes were laid down with ease thanks to the board's directional twin capabilities. When the crew was feeling like being large and in charge, the Carbon HotRods withstood the impact of overshooting big gaps. A sneaky late April powder day was no match for the board either thanks to Fusion Camber, which allowed the board to effortlessly float through nearly a foot of fresh snow.

 There wasn't a single break in the action all week. Day after day new ideas were being thrown around and party laps reigned supreme. Holy Bowly did not disappoint as one of the most fun events of the year between the insane setup and small crew of riders we brought together. Check out some of the action from the SDS at Holy Bowly below.


If you want to keep up with the crew on Instagram follow Madison, Jordan, Hunter, Michael, and the SDS accounts here.

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