The Best Beginner Snowboards

The Best Beginner Snowboards

Nate Haust Nosebonk

Faster progression, more stoke 

You’ve tried snowboarding, and you’re hooked. Congratulations – you’ve just made one of the best decisions in your life. Now it’s time to invest in a board of your own. To help you progress quickly and stay stoked, Rome’s entry-level models like the men’s Mechanic and the women’s Royal include a ton of great features. Let’s take a look at them.


Versatile Shape

If you’re new to snowboarding then chances are you haven't figured out what terrain or riding style you like best. That’s awesome – a world of experimentation awaits. To keep all your options open, the Mechanic and Royal deploy a true twin shape that can get you down any trail but also makes it super easy to practice riding switch and learn basic tricks like 180s. 

If you’re still not 100% sure if you’re regular or goofy, the true twin shape allows you to center your bindings with identical angles and try leading with either foot until you’ve got things dialed. The board will handle exactly the same in either direction. 


Relaxed Profile 

For beginners, our Contact Rocker snowboard profile is ideal. A little rocker at the nose and tail, combined with a flat section between the bindings, keeps you from eating it when you’re linking your first turns or getting off the lift. It also helps raise the nose in deep snow, so if you find a little stash of powder between the trails then go right ahead and dive in. 

Fun Flex

To improve control at lower speeds we’ve given the wood core on the Mechanic and Royal a softer flex. Coupled with a biax weave, it’s torsionally relaxed so you can easily manipulate the board underfoot and is super easy to load ollies and presses. We’ve also thrown in a central pair of Hotrods to boost the pop and keep the whole board feeling lively. You can find out more about how all these technologies work in this in-depth explainer.  


Built Tough

We want you to enjoy your new Rome board for a long time. We don’t design pure beginner snowboards that you’ll quickly outgrow. Instead, the Mechanic and the Royal offer all the performance you’ll need as you progress to an intermediate rider and beyond. 

The extruded base is built to last, easy to maintain and will still be fast even if you don't wax it regularly. Oh, and our two-year warranty gives you the peace of mind to know that you definitely won’t have to buy a new board anytime soon.


Best Beginner Snowboard – The Bottom Line 

  • If you’re new to snowboarding then, just like experienced freeriders or park rats, it helps if you get the right kit.
  • First and foremost, your board should be easy to ride and forgiving when you make the occasional mistake. You’ll get that from a mid-soft flex and a flat-to-rockered profile.
  • A true twin shape (or perhaps a directional twin) will give you the versatility to explore the resort and take your first laps through the park. 
  • Finally, you want something that will stay the course as you progress, offering plenty of performance and durable construction. 

We’re confident that a Rome snowboard will check all of these boxes. Once you’ve settled on a preferred model, take a look at how to choose your snowboard size.

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