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Navjot Panesar
So much adjustability

These are an endgame binding for the 9/10 stiffness deathplank board in your quiver. I love the highback rotation and canting for when I rise +/+ angles

The sheer amount of adjustments possible in this bindings make my head spin. You can really dial it in with these bindings.

Amazing Snowboard!

This was my first snowboard that I've bought and I love it. It handles everything amazingly well and is an absolute blast to ride.

Bought the 149 for my son.

Bought the 149 for my son along with a pair of 390 Bosses. It was time for him to get on a cambered board. He loves this thing. He’s laying trenches like his old man (I’m on a Ravine Select) and is riding fast which only a cambered board can deliver. From powder to park and everything in between, this board seems to have it. Shout out to the Angry Snowboarder for the recommendations.

Awesome product with horrible shipping

This is my second sets of DOD binding and rome boards, the products are awesome, but for god's sake stop using CanPar as your shipping provider. Getting your package delivered is such a pain, Canpar always can find a way to screw up the delivery (either stuck in their warehouse for a week or cannot locate shipping address even they delivered to the address before)...Knowing you are getting new board setup but can never receiving them is such a pain...

Francis McHenry
Great fit

The fit and performance of the neck tube and sweatshirt is on point!

Daniel M
Beautiful, powerful, playful. The Ravine rocks!

Trying to decide on the right board for this season wasn't easy. With the local hill known for it's steeps and deeps, there were lots of options to go for -- the Orca, the Satori, the Stratos ... the list goes on!

But I picked up a pair of Libertines last year, loved their comfort and response, and already had a pair of Katana's on order from the local shop (a high instep means most 'neutral' ankle strap positions on bindings aren't comfy to ride all day, so the adjustable straps on the Romes were a no-brainer).

So, I thought what the heck, let's go full Rome this year. The manager at the local shop recommended a Ravine as the right pairing for a freestyle-inclined freeride-ready stick, and I'm blown away by the quality of this thing.

From the second you open the box, you're struck by how good this board looks, how solid it feels, and the quality of the thing. Screw some bindings onto it and get it out on snow and jeez, man, it just comes alive. This is my first Rome board, and only a few days into the pre-season, I already know it's the thing I'm reaching for every day.

It's a little more playful I'm told than the Select version, but if you want to make the mountain a playground, I can't think of a better weapon!

Height: 5'10
Weight: 170lbs
Boots: Size 10.5 US
Riding: 158

Dryor Hughes
Killer board

Like the way it looks and rides my first w board and it’s great no more toe hang

My first board.

Not that I have the experience to compare it having only rented boards a couple times in the past but it seems like I picked a good one. Not floppy like a lot of flat profile beginner boards can be which helps considering that I weigh about 250lbs.

Toe strap

Good price, and easy install

No scews

Buckle works fine but I had to go to a hardware store to get the screws. The ladder strap on the katana bindings has broke twice on me. Love the bindings but the repair parts are getting costly.

Excellent bag

Not used yet but super happy with the purchase. Great quality, love the design. We'll see how it goes this season.

Unreal performance in all aspects

This board absolutely shreds, park board yup, pow performance amazing but it truly comes to life in speed, edge and flex. You can lay this thing out with ease and super responsive for chop, glop and bumpy terrain. This is by far my favorite board in my over 30yrs of riding and being completely submersed in the industry. I'd say a must have but just try one and it will sell itself.

Great do-it-all board

This board is decent at everything. Butters, jumps, carving, pow, it does it all quite well. Would recommend for any intermediate rider looking to upgrade from their beginner boards.

Stale Fish
Toller Spaßiges Board

Ich fahre das Stalefish 157 mit der flow nx2 , ein Board für jeden bereich und um überall Spaß zu haben.
Egal ob Carven auf der Piste oder freeride durch den pow, es macht mega viel spaß.


Ridden the board 3 times so far and I love it

Libertine Boa
Fit True to Size

Boots fit true to size and are comfortable.

Libertine Hybrid Boa
Alex Robertson
Great boots

Great boots. Very little break in time, pretty well comfy first day.

Matt R
Great board!

I went from a softer board to the National and immediately found it super responsive and stable at all speeds and terrain (used with Rome Katana bindings and midflex boots). Would definitely recommend it as a next level board for anyone.

Party Pack

I'm leaving this review specifically to get the bonus. Because Rome gear is the best and I want all of them.. all the gear. F*ck yea the agent is a sick deck. Stocked to grab this LE 20th jammer.

Gang Plank
Cole Hall

Was convinced to buy this board by a friend. Absolutely no regrets! This board is press-able but still has awesome snap. It’s perfect for the small hill we ride on, couldn’t recommend it more for someone looking for a flat to rocker profile that doesn’t feel dead. The rods in Rome boards are amazing and really do work. Give it a go, you wouldn’t be disappointed 🤘🏻

Luke O.
Fun & Agressive

I have only a few days on this board but so far it has been a blast. My park board is a 154W and I wanted another board that could carve well and would hold up on the steeps. So, I bought the Freaker in 157W. I weigh 165 lbs, my boot size is 10.5, and I have M/L Rome Vice bindings mounted. This board holds an edge very well, and I can get very low in my carves without dragging toes or heels on the snow. Occasionally it takes some muscling around on steep, bumped up trails, but I knew this going in with the recommended weight range for 157W. The Freaker is very stable, predictable, and confidence inspiring at speed. You can feel the two hotrods at the tail of the board driving you out of each carve, and the softer nose helps when the trail gets choppy.

Amazing customer service!’

Amazing customer service I had the old set of footbeds they broke and lost one of them. I reached out and they responded the next day to help me. They got me hooked up with some brand new ones! They are on the way to my house right now! Highly recommend the business.

Shipping stuf

great how I was replied in changing orders and renewing my products on request.

About use it end of December

Pretty noice

Use this as a jacket replacement. Once it get above 40 the liner gets a little sticky, and the kangaroo pouch zippers tend to stick a little if you do them up too much, but overall has all the feature you want in a riding hoodie.

Riding Hoodie
Jeren Cdebaca
Zipper is mega stuck

The hoodie is rad overall but I can’t use the kangaroo pockets because the zipper is jammed so that’s a total bummer