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Great toe straps !

Sleek and sturdy these toe straps hold well. A solid solution to a broken toe strap!


Replace my old screws for safty.

Perfect boot

- super comfortable
- good quality
- hard enough for high speed carving, but still flexible enough for riding park

Artifact Pro
Perfect feeling

The right wide to carve with my big feet. I got the 155wide so this is the perfect machine to ride the park, slopes and whatever you want! I love it

Service Dog
Grant Cahill
It’s not just a snowboard. It’s family

Once you add the service dog to your life there’s no going back. You find yourself bringing it everywhere (bridal showers, pinewood derby’s etc) And you’re gonna feel bad about leaving it in the car on blue bird days. The service dog is there for the best and the worst. Wether it be sniffing out fresh pow lines. Or digging its claws into a banked slalom course. Or wagging its tail through the moguls. You’re going to worry about if it got enough air, Or if you fed it enough groomers for the day. The service dog doesn’t care. It’s there for you no matter what rain or shine. Slush or pow. Meet Man’s best friend adopt a service dog.

Confidence Inspiring Board

Based on my local shop recommendation, I went with the Ravine Select. I live in a resort town and was looking for a new "daily driver" board. I have now had 7 days on the Ravine Select and am very happy. I have tested the board on powder, groomers and crusty "variable" conditions. It excels in all terrain. The stiffness is just right for me. The board wants to go fast but it also is very easy to move from edge to edge.

Basic Hoodie
Conor G
Don't want to take it off

Been wearing this hoodie non-stop since it showed up. The inclusion of a little spandex in with the cotton gives the hoodie some slight stretchiness that I never knew I wanted in a sweatshirt, but I definitely do. It's warmer than I expected which is dope. Great hoodie to crawl into after a day of riding when you're ready to hit the bar or wander around the parking lot chatting up the locals.

Thought is was a bit pricy for a sweatshirt but after receiving it I can say, totally worth it. I'm 6' 2", 160ish and went with a large. It's got a little bagginess to it which I like. If you're into a more true to size fit you may want to consider sizing down but this one seems like it was meant to be worn a bit loose.

Gang Plank

Purchased this board on March 5th specifically for my Lake Tahoe Trip. Received it on 3/9 and it was damaged. Happy about shipping time but very disappointed about damage. Emailed Rome SDS on March 9th and they emailed back saying they’d send a replacement board out. I received an email on March 10 stating the delivery date of March 20th….over double the shipping time it took for the first board. The reason I first placed this order on March 5th was to have this board in time to ship it to Lake Tahoe for March 24th. If the first board was not damaged, I would have been able to send the board to Lake Tahoe with plenty of time to spare. DUE TO RECEIVING A DAMAGED BOARD, I was FORCED to pay priority shipping to get my new snowboard to Lake Tahoe on time. I paid a total of $566 in priority shipping. I am VERY disappointed with Rome SDS and how they handled this situation. I have already sent 2 emails about this situation and I have still not received an email back after 3 business days.
Strongly recommend to never buy a Rome snowboard again.

Board rips

I got two rides on this board and it’s awesome. Good flex for butters and is super poppy for playing in the park. The board just locks in when you’re playing on rails and boxes. Sick park board for sure

Mantas Nacickas

These medium hard/soft bindings are perfect. Price, quality, design really amazing.

James Keenan
Perfect fit

Got it for traveling and worked out great

Si può sempre fare di meglio

Tavola super divertente peccato per la soletta estrusa che fa veramente schifo..... La riprenderei se cambiassero soletta....

Best toe strap

This toe strap is better than any other I have tried. Secure and responsive.

Bradley Newman
Shreddy Prinze Jr

Such a sick binding. Got the green 22/23 model. Unreal comfort. The new toe strap for 22/23 is where it’s at. Don’t need to go that tight for security. I’ve had them on a 2020 Rome Blur 159 and 22/23 K2 Instrument 154. I should probably put them on the old trusty Ride Timeless just to see. I wear a Burton Ion boot in 8.5 and they are perfect in the mediums.

I ride camber boards wherever. Just getting back to riding after a few years of a few days. These bindings are comfy enough to all day. I ride lots and lots of steeps and trees. Haven’t gone 50-60 mph bombing yet this season because I’m in Spokane, Washington and the powder here and in N Idaho has been epic. Carving response is pretty good. Being able to get through chop and bumps is a big strong point of these bindings. Get through, reset. Boom. YouTube video placeholder
Sweet bindings

I thought I was getting bored of my board…till I got these sweet bindings.
The response and feel is amazing. From seeking out pow in the glades to ripping sick lines on the North bowl of Revelstoke. These cleavers had me smiling from ear to ear


I love the way these toe straps hug my boots!

Was excellent

Had a great experience, needed help and got reply within that day

Good ticket, fast delivery

They fit perfectly for my bindings. I haven't tried them yet but they fit better than the original ones. The staff was helpful when an adapter was needed to secure the footbeds.

Good, but needs work

This is a very good riding hoodie. It’s warm and I especially like the armpit vents. The stretch was incredible. However, the zip on the sleeve needs work as it kept getting stuck and eventually ripped. A different design here would be beneficial.

Riding Hoodie
Jacob Bedard
Nice look and feel but…

I love the look and feel of it, it block wind like a champ and also warm. But this thing get wet to fast to be a real riding hoddie. The outside is 95% cotton ???!! On my first day I got some 1 Celsius and I got a bit of snow and it got wet and heavy. It’s great a I guess in sunny day !

Strap Up

I am also a long-time Targa rider and the ankle strap said no mas, so I had to swap him out. Great product and quick replacement!

Gang Plank
Mitch Alexander
I love the Gang Plank!

This board delivers the control and flexibility needed to rip down and carve up the steep stuff, tear it up in the woods, and ride confidently through the park. All around love the style of the board and I would highly recommend this board to anyone looking for a board that can handle anything thrown it’s way.

Greg Kalymnios
Terrible bindings

I used them 4 times and the footbed clips snapped they flex a lot and all you hear while riding them is creaking and cracking. Union bindings are way better if you are trying to stay safe out there.

Joel Berke
Best bindings I've ridden but highback cracked after two runs

I love everything about these bindings EXCEPT for the right highback cracking after just three runs at Mont Tremblant. Did not fall but felt a pop in my right highback and then checked them at the bottom. Five stars if they didn't crack, but after three runs I gotta take off two. I've still got two days here and not sure how safe it is - hoping Rome fixes!

Neill Esparza
22/23 Really does it all

After a few days carving up groomers and playing in the park I was lucky enough to get some waist deep powder and this board absolutely delivers on its claim to be a quiver killer. Floats in powder and super fun wherever you want to take it. This board goes to 11.