Len Jorgensen has the Ultimate Home Office

Len Jorgensen has the Ultimate Home Office

The past two years have been uncharted territory, leading a substantial amount of people to work from home. To some, it was a great alternative to long commutes and water cooler small talk. Others went stir crazy and need the interaction of coworkers to keep themselves sane. To Len Jorgensen, it was the perfect opportunity to explore the land surrounding his parents cabin in Heggedal, Norway.

Watch Hjemmekontor below and then get a better understanding of what it means to work from home for Lenny Powers. 

Rome: Where did you come up with the idea to film an entire project at home?

Len: Like most of my ideas, they suddenly appear while walking my dog in the forest. There was a lot of travel restrictions going down in Norway and it seemed pretty stupid to wait to hopefully go abroad. Also the fact that everyone else around the world had to work from home. I thought it would be sick to try something completely different than what I was used too to see if it worked. Try to relate to what everyone else was going through. I figured out I'm pretty god damn spoiled.

Lenny P!
Rome: You and Rome AM Casey Savage had a similar filming philosophy this past year with his video, Homegrown. What do you think attracts riders to searching for spots quite literally in their backyard?

Len: Casey and Devin made such a sick video! I guess stupid minds think alike haha. As a snowboarder you usually spend as much time traveling as you do boarding. If you can take away the traveling and spend more time doing what you love, it sounds like a great move. Plus it's a huge environmental advantage, then we can all shred this snow we love so much for way longer. It's also really sick to look at things in the Summer and think "I boarded there."

Len letting the lettuce flow
Rome: What was it like filming a non-traditional project? Usually a rider’s winter would be jam-packed with traveling to cities with snow to stack footage for a street part, or touring around on the competition circuit. This seems like it would end up being way less stressful and way more fun.

Len: Of course balling on home-court has natural advantages. Waking up in your own bed, going back to your place at night and having full control over the snow conditions. What I found more difficult than I imagined was getting people to join in on the adventure. Many were still convinced that filming "real street" was way cooler than going mad in the forest. But hey, I never shoveled for a couple hours only to get kicked out by a grumpy old security guy. I did have to walk through some waist deep snow though.

Top Secret Mission
Rome: Although this project is more laidback than a street project in some senses, a huge amount of work goes into filming any video part. Any tips you would give to someone who is thinking about filming their first video?

Len: Firstly, don't waste money on buying cheap shovels. It is a lot of hard work but 200% worth it, even though you didn't get a single clip. Remember to appreciate the fact that you get to spend your days with the homies boarding outside. It doesn't get much better than that.

Len Tree Hip
Rome: Any specific Rome setups that were extra fun to ride in your backyard?

Len: The best all-around board for funny business is the Party Mod. It floats if there's a little pow, mashes through bushes and pops like a mad man. I also love the Libertine Lace boots, and the Crux is my favorite binding. Simplicity is key.

Len on his Party Mod
Rome: Anything else you want to add?

Len: This video is presented by YOUR LOCAL FOREST. So please, go check it out and see if you can find some good times in there =)

Check out Len's setup here

Rome SDS Libertine Lace Snowboard Boot
Rome SDS Party Mod Snowboard
Rome SDS Crux Snowboard Binding
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