How to Choose a Kids' Snowboard

How to Choose a Kids' Snowboard

The right gear will fuel their stoke

If you want your kid to enjoy snowboarding as much as you do, the number one rule is just to let them have fun. Getting them on the right equipment plays an important part in that; once they can properly control their snowboard they’ll fall less and make rapid progress. That means fewer instructions, more independence and more smiles.

With this in mind we sat down at the drawing board to design two kids’ snowboards that raise the bar for technology and accessibility. The Minishred is aimed at the smallest of groms. It’s super easy to handle and will make their first turns fun and exciting. For older kids, the Slapstick is constructed with the same high-quality features as our adult boards in a slightly smaller package. It’s freestyle friendly, so they can dial their first tricks in the park, and makes resort riding effortless.


What size snowboard does my kid need?

Just like adult models, kids’ snowboards are sized in centimeters (rather than age range). The most important factor for selecting the right length is their weight, followed by height. 

With younger children you don't have to worry too much about board width; things get a little trickier when they’re teenagers and they’re outgrowing their shoes every week, at which point you may need to look at adult sizes. Likewise, boys and girls under twelve can usually ride exactly the same gear (provided they like the graphics!).

We’ve put together a couple of charts to help you figure out the right size snowboard for your child:


Kids’ Snowboard Length Chart

Rider Weight

30-75 lbs / 14-34 kg

40- 90 lbs / 18-41 kg

50-125 lbs /23-57 kg

Snowboard Length





Rider Height

43-53 in / 110-135 cm

50-55 in / 127-140 cm

53-65 in / 135-164 cm

Snowboard Length





Shape, Profile and Flex

We believe that a true twin shape is the best choice for kids. Set up with a centered stance and mirror-image binding angles, it allows them to switch between goofy and regular while they figure things out. It’s also useful when side-slipping or practicing the falling leaf technique, as well as learning their first tricks.

The Minishred takes advantage of Rome's Contact Rocker profile. It’s flat between the bindings and rockered towards the tips, which makes it way harder to catch an edge and boosts your grom’s confidence. 

Twin Diamond 3D is deployed across our youth range for a similar reason. It adds bevel to the tip and tail, making turn initiation a breeze, and helps the nose plow through fresh snow and slush. 

For older kids riding the Slapstick, we’ve included a Fusion Camber profile that blends a similar rocker at the tips with traditional camber between the bindings. This offers more stability at higher speeds and better edge control so they can stop quickly, while the rockered section means it’s still playful and offers heaps of float. 

In terms of flex, no kid is gonna enjoy snowboarding if they’re wrestling with a plank. We’ve given the core of both boards a fun flex that’s super easy to press and load ollies and which is soft enough to forgive occasional mistakes.


Boots and Bindings

Nothing can drain the wallet quicker than rapidly growing kids, so we’ve designed our smallest boots and bindings to be adjustable in size. The Minishred Binding features three highback positions, while the Minishred Boot has stackable footbeds so you can be sure they’ll fit for more than a couple of months. We call this feature Grows With You. 

On-the-fly adjustment is another key feature. The binding straps can all be adjusted without a tool (super handy for moms and dads kneeling down on the bunny slope) and thanks to BOA technology, even the smallest kids can lace up their own boots.


Choosing a kids’ snowboard – the bottom line

Our mission is to get kids as stoked on snowboarding as we are. We’ve spent countless hours figuring out how to adapt Rome’s signature board design to young shredders, without compromising on quality or performance.

A twin tip shape with a fun flex and relaxed profile is the best starting point, while technologies like Diamond 3D help them feel comfortable right away and speed up progression. 

Just watch out, cuz they’ll be better than you in no time.

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