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Speed Freak

NASCAR style, skin-peeled-back, burst-of-lightning fast.

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Like a cast of falcons cresting a ridge, the Rome Speed Freak is here, and it means business. Built with an agile sidecut, responsive flex profile and an appetite for destruction, the Speed Freak destroys corduroy, smashes gates and dreams of achieving terminal velocity.

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Positive camber with small pockets of rocker at the contact points; the modern go-to for all-mountain performance.

Shape and Hotrods

Boards designed with slightly longer noses than tails, but with both symmetrical sidecuts and symmetrical camber profiles.

One bamboo HotRod in the board’s nose and two bamboo HotRods in the tail; powerful and versatile.

Made of carbon, Omegas act as housing built around the HotRods and are designed to provide additonal power and responsiveness.

Board Contents

Fiberglass running in three different axes, built for torsionally rigidity and added snap.

Our most versatile and durable core, built with alternating strips of 20mm strips of poplar and 20mm strips of paulownia.

Fiberglass with two different axes, built to be more torsionally playful and flexible.

The new go-to, this hardworking base is easy to fix with great wax retention. A low maintenance daily driver for riders of all ability levels.

Speed Freak Size Chart

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Customer Reviews

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Navjot Panesar
Solid upgrade

Upgraded from a Rossi Jibsaw (my first board). I wanted something that could carve harder with more camber and stiffness. Definitely took some getting used to but I'm glad I kept at it. I rode it on the east coast as well as on a trip out west this week where it was very chopped up - soft pack, dust on crust, ice. It does pretty well in it all. Ice hold could be a little better if they had some minor edge tech but the camber works well enough to hold you. Just keep your edges sharp.

I love the rocker profile I think they really have something solid here: not as twitchy and catchy as full traditional camber and not as washy as my old camrock board. It has that wide edge hold of camber but that little rocker really lets you ride it playfully if you explicitly want to. I like the stiffness of this board - its definitely on the stiff side but it's no where close to a death plank. The dual rods in the tail are nice, you can sit on the back foot in a carve and really drive it - this tail will hold. And if you're really feelin good, you can pop off the tail at the end off a turn and catch some air.

I wouldn't get it as a beginner board because you do kind of need to know what you're doing but if you're an intermediate to advanced rider I think its pretty solid. I can tell the board has a ton of energy and aggression to offer - I'm actively working to reel it in. Every day I ride this board I feel a little more adrenaline kick in and the urge to let loose on side hits and chop. Good stuff.

ps: send stickers next time pls

Dennis Taylor
Took a little getting used to, but now it's my goto board

The Speed Freak is supposed to be the successor to the Blur (which I own). It's a little stiffer, though, with a more pronounced camber. It took a few sessions to get used to, but now it's the first board I grab when going out. Fast, edges easily, enough pop out of hard turns to lift me off the snow for a moment. Yep. Hits all the buttons.

Chantal Barriault

Speed Freak

Gordon Kaplan
Speed Freak

The Speed Freak is the fastest board I've every road! It bombs like a dream and is also a total sender. The 2 bamboo rods in the tail is very noticeable and makes the edges way more responsive, ollie snappier, and makes it feel impossible to wash out even went landing in the backseat. I highly recommend this board to anyone who wants to go really fast and feel completely stable. I couldn't be happier with the board!

Matt B.

Damn this thing is a ripper, seriously fun for charging groomers and going fast. Love the shape and cant wait to ride it in deeper snow!