Ståle Sandbech

Who are you and where did you first start snowboarding?

Dude from Rykkinn, Norway, who loves to snowboard and go on adventures in the mountains. I started snowboarding hiking up and down my local hill with my sister during a Christmas holiday when I was 8 years old.

Why snowboarding? What drew you to it?

It was just it for me. I did most activities and sports when I was a kid, but snowboarding just overtook all my time after that came in to my life. It was what I wanted to do all the time and it was where I felt like me and also where I met most of my friends.

Would you rather: Grab method, Grab Japan or Grab Stalefish?

Man! Hard to choose, but it would have to be a good old method.

What does your dream boarding trip look like?

Who’s coming and where are you going? RK1 crew goes heliboarding in AK? To be continued...

What are you listening to these days?

A bit of everything to be honest. Depends on the day. But while snowboarding mostly hip hop and rock

In your opinion, who is the greatest snowboarder of all-time?

Too hard. Maybe Rene in 10 years??