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Discounted boots

Libertine BOA

$359.96 $479.95

Libertine Hybrid BOA

$322.46 $429.95

Libertine Lace

$262.46 $349.95

Bodega BOA

$262.46 $349.95

Women's Bodega BOA

$262.46 $349.95

Bodega Hybrid BOA

$224.96 $299.95

Bodega Lace

$179.96 $239.95

We believe snowboard boots should be supportive, smooth flexing, hassle-free instruments of exploration. Our boot line offers multiple lacing options to make finding the perfect boot easier than ever.


Lacing styles

Rome snowboard boots come in 3 different lacing options:

  • If you’re into soft snowboard boots which are easy to tweak and jib with, go for the Rome stomp snowboard boots.
  • Are you a powerful rider & like stiffer boots? — then you should have a look at the Rome Libertines.
  • Looking for something in between? — the Rome Bodega is the way to go.


When choosing your snowboarding boots, the flex/stiffness of your boots is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. Keep an eye on our flex meter, to make sure you receive the flex you need:

  • Lace snowboard boots (lace)
  • Snowboard boots with laces & BOA (hybrid)
  • Double BOA snowboard boots (BOA)

Men's snowboard boots

This season we offer 3 different men’s snowboard boots models. The Libertine, Bodega & Stomp:

Rome Libertine Snowboard Boot


Rome Libertine Snowboard Boot


Rome Libertine Snowboard Boot


Women's snowboard boots

This year we offer 2 different women’s snowboard boots. The women’s bodega boa & women’s stomp boa:

Rome Bodega Womens Snowboard Boot

Women's Bodega

Rome Stomp Womens Snowboard Boot

Women's Stomp

Kid's snowboard boots

In the 21/22 kids snowboard boots line we feature 2 models for 2 different age ranges. The ACE BOA & minishred BOA.

Rome Ace Kids Snowboard Boot


Rome Minishred Kids Snowboard Boot

Minishred BOA


Whether you've got a question about the Rome snowboard boots line or need to check in with warranty, we've got you covered.

Simply start a live chat or send a message to our rider support here.