Rome Team Favorites

Rome Team Favorites

Our gear has made its way in front of your eyes clip-after-clip, year-after-year. You can see it on top of the contest podium, in any number of street edits online, or blasting past you down the hill on the way to the park. With a team full of diverse riding styles spanning across the world: we need to make killer gear for every type of snowboarder. Keep reading below to get a glimpse at some of our team's favorite setups and to understand why they're in such high demand.



Rene Rinnekangas and the Rene-gade Michael Hoy on the Rene-gade
Rene Rinnekangas with his pro model Rene-gade The Rene-gade is already a team favorite, just ask Michael Hoy

Although the Rene-gade was introduced this season, this long-awaited Rene Rinnekangas pro model has become an immediate team favorite. We constructed the Rene-gade with an insane amount of pop and stability in order to keep up with the Finnish wonder kid's riding style. You can see Rene on his pro model in the X-Games or filming street clips. A huge hit with the rest of the team too, the Rene-gade can be seen in endless amounts of clips from the Sidehit Seance as well as Holy Bowly.

Stale Crewzer

Nate Haust on the Stale Crewzer 2023 Rome Stale Crewzer Snowboard
 Nate Haust with a case study in the Stale Crewzer's ATV capabilities Stale's daily driver

When Stale comes to you wanting a daily driver, you deliver. The Stale Crewzer is Stale's (and much of our team's) one board quiver that can handle park laps, slush boarding, fresh pow, and anything in between. Perfect to hop on and enjoy without worry: this board is a long-standing team favorite due to its versatility. The Stale Crewzer is a truly ideal board for top-to-bottom laps whether it is day 1 or day 100.

Stale Fish

2023 Rome Stale Fish Snowboard Martin Laesser on the Stale Fish
 The Stale Fish is always ready to swim in pow Martin Laesser boosting on his Stale Fish

Clearly Stale Sandbech knows a thing or two about snowboarding, since both his pro models are some of our team's favorite boards to ride. When deep in the backcountry and needing a board that is more aggressive with more float, the team turns to the Stale Fish. Although the Stale Fish has been in the line for a few years at this point we changed the shape for this season to allow for more versatility and freestyle oriented riding. Thanks to the change in shape the Stale Fish is now our team's go-to powder board when dropping cliffs, slashing waist deep pow, or sending huge gaps in the backcountry.

Artifact Pro

Joey Leon on the 2023 Artifact Pro 2023 Rome Artifact Pro Snowboard
 Joey Leon demonstrating the extra pop on the Artifact Pro The Artifact Pro: weapon of choice for all park rats

Over the years the Artifact has become synonymous with Rome. In our line for nearly the entirety of Rome's existence we felt that after 20 years it was time to introduce a change. Keeping the Artifact's jib-first ask questions later ethos in mind, we came up with the Artifact Pro. The beefed up big brother of the Artifact, the Artifact Pro includes an upgraded HotRod package, base, and our brand new Flax Impact Plates. Giving riders a bit more pop and stability for that extra oomph: the Artifact Pro had quickly become the favorite board of our street riders.


2023 Rome Muse Snowboard Madison Blackley on the Rome Muse
Bask in the Muse's glory Madison Blackley on the Muse

A true ATV straight out of our women's line: the Muse ensures you won't ever have to change boards in different conditions. You can see just as many clips of Ivika Jurgenson destroying street spots on the Muse as jump clips from Madison Blackley. The do-it-all attitude of the Muse firmly cements it as one of our team's most ridden boards for all kinds of conditions.


Madison Blackley on the Heist 2023 Rome Heist Snowboard
 Mads stealing the show on her Heist The 2023 Heist

While the Heist has enough playfulness to lock into presses and butter down the slopes, it isn't a one trick pony by any means. Fusion Camber and Bamboo Omega HotRods add an extreme amount of pop to the board, allowing it to handle the big jump line just as effortlessly as the rail section. Without fail, the Heist makes its way into our team's board bag for every filming trip.

Women's Ravine

Madison Blackley on the Women's Ravine 2023 Rome Women's Ravine Snowboard
Madison Blackley and the Women's Ravine in their natural habitats Only the Women's Ravine can handle that much snow

Whether it sees endless fresh snow at Brighton or slushy spring laps with the homies (it has even been known to get in the park every once in a while), the Women's Ravine is one of the most fun boards in our line. Directional Diamond 3D in the nose allows float in deep snow as well as power through chunder without breaking a sweat. With enough playfulness to keep a smile on your face all day it is no surprise that the Women's Ravine can be seen under our team's feet year round.



2023 Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings 2023 Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings
The Katana can do it all Michael Hoy slicing through features on his Katana bindings

The Katana speaks for itself at this point. Our lightweight, ultra-responsive, ultra-customizable, game changing AsymWrap binding. Packed to the gills with tech, the Katana also has enough customizable components to allow our riders to fine-tune their ride. The AsymWrap binding of choice for the majority of the Rome team, the Katana has certainly built up an impressive resume since being introduced to the line.

390 Boss

Noah Coville on the 390 Boss 2023 Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Bindings
Noah Coville on his always reliable 390 Boss 390 Boss in static

Sometimes you need a foolproof, no-frills binding. Built for daily abuse on any feature you throw yourself at the 390 Boss is fully reliable, lightweight, with a touch of playfulness. The team choice for full park days, late-night street missions, and fresh corduroy, the 390 Boss handles business plain and simple. 


2023 Rome Brass Snowboard Bindings 2023 Rome Brass Snowboard Bindings
2023 Rome Brass Snowboard Bindings 2023 Rome Brass Snowboard Bindings

The sister binding to the 390 Boss, the Brass is just as reliable. For riders who want to charge hard and not have to worry about on-hill adjustments the Brass offers safe haven. They can be seen underfoot of Rome riders lapping the big line in the park or dropping off two story buildings in the streets.


2023 Rome Guild Snowboard Bindings 2023 Rome Guild Snowboard Bindings
2023 Rome Guild Snowboard Bindings 2023 Rome Guild Snowboard Bindings

When the Rome team wants lightweight, responsive performance in a binding they look no further than the Guild. The Guild is a pow spraying, fun having, groomer ripping binding that feels like a feather underfoot. With a heavy showing in the Sidehit Seance edit, the Guild is definitely a staple for the team.

If you want to check out all of the team's favorite gear click here.

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