New for 23/24: Bindings

New for 23/24: Bindings

The 23/24 season offers some exciting new advancements on the Rome binding front. With an entirely new binding platform as well as the next generation of the already legendary AuxTech® strap family, you have never been more connected to your snowboard.

For more information on our 23/24 binding line keep reading below.

23/24 Rome Katana snowboard binding  23/24 Rome Katana snowboard binding

HeelWrap Pro

Joining the binding platform roster, Rome's HeelWrap Pro offers fool-proof simplicity and a supportive ride-anything flex. An adjustable aluminum heel hoop connects to the baseplate at two points which allows the baseplate to interact directly with the board to help absorb chatter while providing plenty of response. 

HeelWrap Pro can be found on the all new Trace and Hydra models, as well as the Ace youth binding.

Rome Trace snowboard bindings Rome Hydra snowboard bindings 
23/24 Rome Trace bindings 23/24 Rome Hydra bindings


UltraFlex ankle strap

Building upon the traditional closed edge AuxTech® strap, the UltraFlex ankle strap features an open 3D auxetic edge. Featured on the iconic 390 Boss and Brass bindings, UltraFlex ankle straps create even pressure distribution on the boot while allowing the full range of tweakability that freestyle riding craves.

 Len Jorgensen 390 Boss 23/24 Rome Brass snowboard bindings
Len Jorgensen showing off the 390 Boss and its all-new UltraFlex ankle straps 23/24 Rome Brass snowboard bindings

UltraFlex Pro ankle strap

 The next generation of the AuxTech® strap family, the UltraFlex Pro ankle strap is the ultimate combination of plush comfort and hyper-reactivity. Instead of the traditional closed edge on a strap the UltraFlex Pro features an open 3D auxetic edge. This means when the strap is tightened it has unprecedented ability to open and stretch which creates a more even distribution of pressure on the boot. As a compliment to the open edge, we overmold the material to a Hytrel® spine to create a supportive backbone in the strap.

The UltraFlex Pro ankle strap can be found on the Black Label, Katana, Cleaver, and D.O.D. bindings.

 Rome SDS UltraFlex Pro ankle strap
All-new for 23/24: the UltraFlex Pro ankle strap
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