Homegrown 23/24 Rome SDS snowboarding spots

HOMEGROWN - Casey Savage and Friends in Vermont

If you’re from the Green Mountain State you’re aware of the terrain available to snowboard ride outside of the mountains. With the only major ‘city’ boasting a population of less than 50,000 people, Vermont’s soul stems from backwoods towns. Vermont born and raised, Rome AM rider Casey Savage embodies the true Vermont spirit.


Rome spent a few weeks last winter following Casey around Vermont searching for unique snowboarding spots, many of which would be overlooked by your average rider. From scouring his parent's property in Cavendish on snowmobiles to hiking a half mile into the woods off the road because, "My buddy John swears there is a spot in here," the Vermont ride anything in any condition attitude of Casey Savage makes for endless entertainment.



I've always been drawn to finding spots in the woods more so than street spots. Just the unknown of Mother Nature: the fallen trees, the ones still living, and certain natural materials that look hittable from a distance but could be a pile of jack shit or even crazier than I would have thought. I also how alone you are in the quiet of the woods, and the ability to not get yelled at by Old Man Winter for hitting his freshly installed handrail.


 Casey Snowmobile Casey Spot Check


Mentally and physically, sliding a tree can be really hard. Metal edges obviously don't love wood, but I honestly love how it feels and sounds. Part of the fun is never knowing how exactly a tree is going to ride, where I'm going to get spit out, or how I'm even going to approach the damn thing. A lot of snowboarding spots in the video were filmed on my parents property in Cavendish, VT, which they purchased 5 or so years ago. I had been drooling over the terrain on the property ever since my family, friends, and myself built the house 3 years ago. It spans about 240 acres and holds a pretty neat zone that we call Tierney Mountain, which is littered with spots. Since we were only there for a bit over a week we hardly scratched the surface on possible spots. We're super eager to get back out there and see what else Mamma Nature has in line for us next season.



Casey rides the FreakerD.O.D., and Libertine Hybrid Boa, some of the best snowboard gear you could find at Rome SDS! Watch the full video below:



Also featuring Nate Haust and Max Lyons. Filmed and edited by Devin Bernard.

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