Next generation performance for today’s groms

    The MiniShred is the board you wish you had when you started riding. The soft flexing and beginner-friendly MiniShred Core is 100% Paulownia wood, making it the lightest core in a youth board. The Twin Diamond 3D in the nose and tail makes for an edge-catch-free ride that is nothing short of a game changer for grom-oriented progression.



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    Minishred Specs

    SIZE (cm)     90 100 110 120
    CONTACT LENGTH (mm)     553 645 737 829
    EFFECTIVE EDGE LENGTH (mm)     623 715 807 899
    WAIST WIDTH (mm)     189 200 211 222
    TIP WIDTH (mm)     210 225 239 254
    TAIL WIDTH (mm)     210 225 239 254
    SIDECUT (m)     4 4 5 5
    REF. STANCE SETBACK (mm)     0 0 0 0
    INSERTS     2x4x10 2x4x10 2x4x10 2x4x10
    MIN REF. STANCE WIDTH (mm)     290 316 341 392
    MIN REF. STANCE WIDTH (inches)     11 12 13 15
    MAX REF. STANCE WIDTH (mm)     370 396 421 472
    MAX REF. STANCE WIDTH (inches)     15 16 17 19
    WEIGHT RECOMMENDATION     18 23 31 36

    Customer Reviews

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    Brett Fricken Barrett
    Why put a Guarantee on the box. Guaranteed pos it is (Rome DOES NOT Stand behind Warranty)

    If you want Rome to take a dump on the box and mark it guaranteed...Rome will, they got extra time.

    I rode this board for only a few days and short of 10 hours. The topsheet cracked and the woodcore was not broken (no split edges on sidewalls, no obvious impact on the edge and NO damage to the base due to impact, no broken edges and clearly not a completely broken board).

    Pictures attached of the topsheet cracked after in which I still rode it for a couple hours then pictured. Rome's Warranty online is comforting, calling out I'm good I will never let you down, but if I do I am going to make things all better. The guarantee fairy (Rome) is a crazy glue sniffer in this case. Rome why put a guarantee online if your not going to honor it.

    My recommendation is for your daughter's sake buy a quality board from someone else (Burton and other).

    FYI: I am a little turd and weigh 81 pounds and the board is a 120. This board was bought from Buckman's online ski shop with a receipt provided.

    My opinions are in this review, which I states go elsewhere for board shopping.