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Ravine Select

The supercharged peak-liberator.

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The Ravine Select is the beefed-up big brother of the fan favorite Ravine. Built with a more responsive flex profile and Rome’s new Directional Diamond 3D, it’s designed to make short work of the steepest lines and still float with ease. Sturdy, powerful and hyper-responsive, the Rome Ravine Select handles business.


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Most fun I've ever had on a directional board

Bought this as my first non twin in 10 years to be a pow/freeride deck and it might just replace my twin. For me, this strikes the right balance of aggressive enough for big terrain and leaned over carves but doesn't bite your head off if you aren't on your a-game and I barely notice the taper riding switch. 6' 180 lbs and I went with the 158, I think it is the right size for a freestyle/freeride oriented all mountain deck. If you are ok with stiff and wide and want a dedicated pow/big mountain performance deck I might say go up a size from that. Board ridden with Rome Katana bindings and 32 TM2 XLT's, I wouldn't want to step down on the binding stiffness at all unless I had a stiffer boot.

Chris Gillece
Ravine Select

This board is the Tits! With the big nose and tapered side wall had me eating up what little powder we got this year in UT. It still charged the groomers and was an absolute delight for carving chicanery. Plus being the envy of every bro and lusting lady I walked by in the base area with it under my arm. It gave me a Casanova confidence while enhancing my knuckle dragging. I’d like to thank Rome SDS and the Ravine Select for making me a better rider and more importantly a better person. The world is a significantly more magical place with me sliding sideways on it. God bless.

Ravine Select + Katana = Unlimited fun

After my wife took my Ravine 155 as her daily driver and refused to return it I had to do something.
So I went (again) to the Rome website and bought myself a Ravine Select 155.
What can I say? The combo is just killer. The Katana smooths the chatter, has all of the adjustability in the world.
The board rides like a supercharged Ravine. Easy to turn in tight spots, fast and powerful when the terrain opens.
I would give Rome 10/10 for the customer support too!

Andrew Vanderbur
Awesome deck

This thing is rad. The second I laid eyes on the shape of this board, I knew I wanted to lay down a fat nose butter in some fresh. I finally got the chance to do just that today and it was worth the wait. Plenty of power and some healthy pop really make this thing a quiver killer. I’ve been able to demo a few Rome boards in the past and knew I would eventually add one to the rotation. There are plenty of good boards out there, but this one is a unique combination of all my favorite aspects of a deck. Well done Rome.

Jarred Roy
Holy Grail

Quiver Killer Period. Nice work Rome Team!


Designed for all-mountain prowess and float in the deep. Rockered in the nose, flat under the front foot, with a positive cambered tail.

Shape and Hotrods

Taper is featured in directional boards built with wider noses than tails, helping with agile turns and added float in deep snow.

Designed to increase float in deep snow, improve handling in variable terrain, smooth turn initiation, reduce edge catch and complement all-mountain riding in all-senses.

Two thin rods of carbon milled into the boards core in the tail for responsive and powerful snap.

Made of carbon, Omegas act as housing built around the HotRods and are designed to provide additonal power and responsiveness.

Board Contents

Built to lessen impact and dampen chatter, these woven glass plates are built under the board's insert pack.

Fiberglass running in three different axes, built for torsionally rigidity and added snap.

Our lightest and most responsive core, built with alternating strips of 10mm strips of poplar and 20mm strips of paulownia.

Fiberglass with two different axes, built to be more torsionally playful and flexible.

Our premium sintered base material featuring high molecular content and insane wax absorption thanks to its open structure. Our fastest and most advanced base for demanding riders.

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