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Agile, versatile and All Ways Down.

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The Rome Agent is designed for riders who want a mellow flexing board that still holds an edge at speed and charges the steeps. Fusion Camber keeps things calculated and responsive from early season hikes to sun-drenched spring afternoons with the crew.

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Positive camber with small pockets of rocker at the contact points; the modern go-to for all-mountain performance.

Shape and Hotrods

Boards built with fully symmetrical spec: sidecuts, flex patterns, camber profiles and nose and tail lengths.

A single bamboo HotRod in the board’s nose and tail; pressable yet poppy.

Made of carbon, Omegas act as housing built around the HotRods and are designed to provide additonal power and responsiveness.

Board Contents

Fiberglass with two different axes, built to be more torsionally playful and flexible.

Our most stable and predictable core, built with 100% poplar construction.

Fiberglass with two different axes, built to be more torsionally playful and flexible.

A new base material that features improved wax absorption, increased durability and the most bang for your buck.

Agent Size Chart

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Love this board

This was my first brand new board after riding used and hand me downs for 30 years. This thing felt like a dream compared to my 15yr old Burton supermodel. I went a bit shorter then my normal size and did not regret. 170lbs -5’10 and I bought the 154. Learned to ride switch at age 44. This board made it so easy! Can’t recommend enough. Get lots of compliments on the graphics too! Love the yellow base. Makes my little jumps look 100% higher lol

Snappy as hell

Loving how responsive this thing is on bumps, jumps, and other man made fun stuff. Makes me feel like I'm skateboarding sometimes, the way it ollies.


I first purchased an Agent back in 2006. When I saw the 20th anniversary edition, I just had to go for it, mostly because it had the same graphic design, but I knew that I already enjoyed this line of boards already. It did not disappoint. Smooth ride, great flex, and just a great deck all around.

Dylan Gray
Simply the Best

I’ve wanted a Rome board for a long time, but never pulled the trigger for a variety of reasons (none related to Rome). I remember when Rome came onto the scene as a kid, and always thought their stuff looked great. With the 20th anniversary edition for the Agent and in need of a new all mountain board, I finally pulled the trigger…and man am I glad I did! This is the best board I’ve ever sent down a mountain. Handles like a dream, poppy, holds an edge, and gorgeous. Rome was out of the 390 Boss bindings in the 20th AE coloring, so I got in navy and it is a nice color combo. I would say in terms of flex, it’s “Goldilocks.” Not too stiff, not too flexi, just right.


Comfortable! I felt at ease the moment I strapped in. The board itself isn’t too
Heavy, and most importantly it felt like I had ridden this board a dozen or more times from the first run.

Responsive! No issues with edge transfer or control. The “fusion camber” profile is really nice. Pleasantly surprised with how well it holds an edge and with its carving for a board I expected to be a bit more park oriented as an all-mountain board tbh.

Poppy. Nice pop, I can see what the appeal of those omega hot rods or whatever they’re called. This thing is awesome for side hits.

Double Kick. Big fan of it. Looks cool, feels good.

Gorgeous. LOVE the 20th AE graphics. I nicknamed the dog “Shredy”


I have the 158W, and while it is wide enough for me, I wouldn’t call this more of a medium wide. If you have large boot size (I ride 11.5 for perspective), maybe avoid the 20th AE in 158W and go up to the 161w available in the normal Agent trim.

There was a very small blemish on the top sheet. Probably occurred in storage or transport. Not a big deal at all but noting all the same (see close up pic).

TBD: haven’t ridden this thing on a real powder day. I could see it not being an amazing powder board given the camber profile (in my experience camber boards tend to nose dive), but we’ll see! I’m excited to find out either way just how “all mountain” it really is!


I recently purchased the Rome Agent Snowboard and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! This board is incredibly versatile and can handle any terrain with ease. The camber profile provides excellent pop and stability, while the sidecut allows for quick and smooth turns.

The construction of the board is top-notch, with a durable and lightweight core and a high-quality base. The graphics are also very stylish and unique.

I was especially impressed with the responsiveness of the board. It feels like an extension of my body and I can easily carve and maneuver. Whether I'm cruising through the park, or carving down groomers, the Rome Agent Snowboard handles it all with ease.

Overall, I highly recommend the Rome Agent Snowboard to anyone looking for a versatile, high-performance snowboard. It is an excellent investment for any rider looking to take their skills to the next level.